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Why Video?


Let’s face it, we love to watch videos! We’re less a society of readers and more of watchers; the average consumer would rather watch a video than read a text-based advertisement. We find everything from the local take-away to our house purchase on the internet – gone are the days of ‘Telephone Directories’ or simple text based websites. We like to be entertained! If you already have a website Video Content is the easiest way to get your website ranked (on the first page in most cases) and if you don’t yet have a website, Internet Video is a simple and effective way to create your internet presence.


Who watches YouTube and what do they watch?


Not surprisingly, YouTube is replacing traditional television viewing for many users. Figures show YouTube viewers spend 164 minutes online every day; in contrast, those same viewers spend just 130 minutes per day watching traditional television.


These YouTube viewers are active viewers. While most people still watch YouTube on their computers, that’s changing. More and more users watch YouTube on their mobile phones while they are on the go. The YouTube app is one of the most popular applications for the iphone and android smart phones.


An increasing number of people are watching YouTube in their living rooms as an increasing number of flat screen TVs and Blu-ray players come with internet connectivity and a YouTube widget built-in.


What are these people watching? Lots and lots of different videos, that's what. YouTube delivers a HUGE audience – It’s a marketing dream!


Where would you rather put your marketing message?


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