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10 Reasons To Have Video


  1. Videos in Email - In a recent Forrester study, video was shown to increase email click-through rates by up to 300%. Create videos that encourage your audience to take action, such as buying a product, registering for an event, or visiting your website.
  2. Presentation - What better way to open your presentation than with an exciting introduction video? This is your opportunity to grab the attention of the most influential decision makers in your industry.
  3. Event / Conference Recap - 'Follow-up' is key to customer retention. Transform your follow-up with a vibrant video. Reinforce your message in a way that’s unique, personal, and memorable.
  4. Promo Videos - Are you planning an upcoming promotion? You can quickly spread your promo via email, social networking sites, or websites. Redirect viewers to your checkout page by adding a ‘call-to-action button’ at the end of your video.
  5. Product Videos - Have you ever been disappointed with an online order? Decrease return rates and increase purchases by replacing static imagery with engaging video content.
  6. Product Demonstrations - Ease your customers’ purchase anxiety by allowing them to see exactly what they’ll be purchasing. Improve customer satisfaction and provide a better overall customer experience!
  7. Commercial Advertisements - Highlight the benefits of your product/service with a short, compelling commercial video.
  8. Training & Customer Support - Whether you’re coaching your employees or coaching your customers, Video is a cost-effective training solution. Post these videos in your FAQ section, online manuals, or toolkits.
  9. Recruitment Videos - Don’t tell your potential recruits — show them! Then, direct the excited viewers to your application page with end of video ‘call-to-action’ button.
  10. Websites & Landing Pages - Many give a website a one-minute chance before navigating back to Google results. Static imagery and bulky copy are worn out; why not use a 60-second video instead


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