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Video Format Conversion Services


We provide a 'Format Conversion Service' converting video from any digital format in to another. Any production created by

SLA Services + Visual Impact will include one additional format conversion, eg. from produced format to Windows Media Video for inclusion in a PowerPoint Presentation or a DVD for DVD player playback.


Format Conversion For Specific Devices

Apple (iPod, iPhone & iPad), BlackBerry, Sony PSP & Xbox, Android Phones, Tablet Players (Archos, Zune, Sansa, i-river, Creative & Palm), CD & DVD

Format Conversion For Web Applications

YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter & Flicker


Format Conversions are £ 15.00 each, which includes dropboxing back to you. For conversions provided on CD or DVD standard postage + £ 2.00 will be charged


Video Format & Compatibility - Further Information


Playback Resolution

Play Back Device

Quality & Compatibility


Computer & Mobile Devices

Small, low resolution images ideal for streaming over 3G or very slow broadband connections and viewing on smaller screens such as smart phones and small tablets.


Computer, Internet Streaming, TV's (4:3), Mobile Devices & Website Embedding

Medium sized viewing window with good quality video and audio. Ideal for website embedded video, streaming and playback on mobile devices. An acceptable standard for playback on TV (4:3 format) projectors and DVD


High Definition TV, Projector, DVD or Fixed Computer, High Quality Video Streaming on a non mobile devices

Large sized viewing window with high quality video and audio. Ideal for viewing from a fixed PC with fast broadband connection, 'onsite files' such as DVD or downloaded files; High Definition Screens, Projectors & TV's will display this video file at its very best.

** High Definition files are too big for mobile streaming **


Format Name

File Extension


Audio Video Interleve


Container format that can store data encoded in a variety of codecs


.mps, .mp4

Most recent version of the MPEG format, optimized for both high definition and internet video; used in newer digital camcorders

Windows Media Video


Microsoft's proprietary digital video file format, playable with Windows Media Player; offers twice the bit rate of comparable MPEG- files

Digital Video


‘Lossy’ format used in many consumer video cameras; DV is typically enclosed in some-type of container file format, such as AVI or Quicktime

Flash Video


Adobe's popular multimedia file format ; the format used by YouTube to serve videos on its site


.mpg, .mp4

A type of encoding used in many MPEG, ' 3GP' and QuickTime files; more efficient than the normal MPEG-4 codec, records high quality video with relatively small file sizes; well suited for HD video


mpg, .mpeg

PS stands for "program stream;" this is a streaming video format used with some MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files


.mov, .qt

Apple's proprietary audio/video format; works with both Mac 0S and Windows

Real Video

.rm, .rv

Media file format used by RealPlayer; the RealMedia format (RM) can contain either audio or video files; a heavily compressed format that results in lower quality video than with other competing formats



Another variation of the MPEG-4 format, similar to the competing DivX codec



A multimedia container file format common in 3G mobile Phone recordings



High quality codec with equally high compression' a subset of the MPEG-4 format that supports resolution up to 1080p

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